Golconda paradise restaurant a unique dining experience offering authentic Hyderabadi cuisine with LAZEEZ signature dishes made to perfection with quality consistency and served in a inexplicable interiors setting taking you back in time and closer to the land of the nawabs. The original genuine Hyderabadi taste was lost somewhere due to the extinction of original chefs (Called Ustad's, meaning a Master), Commercialization by restaurants and various other factors. The end result was that good Hyderabadi food was confined to Hyderabadi Dawat's (Parties) and that too not on a consistent basis.

Golconda Paradise restaurant has brought back the original Hyderabadi taste for the lovers of Hyderabadi food, especially "Kachchi Aqni ki Dum ki Biryani". We use Unique, Age old, Gourmet Hyderabadi recipes passed down the generation line.

We are striving to bring these Hyderabadi delicacies within reach of everyone now being served at our restaurant along with Takeaway's and Catering Services.

All the preparations go through rigorous and stringent quality control checks to meet the benchmarks we have set

Hyderabadi Biryani

Special Sufiyani Biryani


Mutton Biryani

Special Biryani

Chicken Biryani